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For five years now, we've been running wildly successful online video ad campaigns:

  • for major advertisers (Dodge, The University of Phoenix, Procter & Gamble and over 100 others)
  • for big agencies (Digitas, WPP, Carat, Universal McCann, etc.)
  • for really small companies on a local level (a printer in the Bay Area, etc.)
  • on sites big and small (Facebook, MSN, Yahoo!, MTV, and 1,500 others)
  • worldwide as well as very local, and
  • in Apps and Games too.

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We typically run Flash pre-roll ads on major sites, with or without companion ads, though we also do HTML5, Mobile, iPad2, midroll, post-roll and overlay ads.

Reach, Scale, Premium, Safe

Podaddies is one of the largest dedicated video advertising networks for the new exploding world of online video.  With more than 600 million video streams per month and 1500+ Web sites, Podaddies reaches more than 250 million unique visitors per month.  Podaddies provides advertisers with audience scale and access to premium video content, ensuring brand-safe advertising.

Targeted Video Ads, Transparent Network

Podaddies allows advertisers to target, measure and optimize online video advertising through categorized channels of content — anywhere in the world, anytime and to any demographic.  Podaddies’ suite of interactive ad units include in-stream ads (pre, mid, post-roll and overlay), viral video ads, and in-banner rich media and video, and companion banners.

Because Podaddies is a transparent network, advertisers will always know where and when their ads and videos appear. Like traditional media buying, Podaddies’ video ads can be bought by content channel and audience demographic as well as solely by site.

Targeting & Optimization

Podaddies provides real-time targeting, measurement, and optimization, ensuring optimal campaign performance. Targeting capabilities include:

  • Demographic
  • Geographic
  • Daypart
  • Channel
  • Content
  • Device type

Unmatched Analytics & Reporting

Podaddies provides real-time campaign reporting through a private web-based login for agencies, including:

  • Unique users
  • Impressions delivered, including companion banner if any
  • Frequency cap
  • Percent watched

Supports Third-Party Ad Systems and IAB Standards

Our ad technologies and services are built with the flexibility to be customized as a stand alone solution, integrated into your existing ad serving platform or work with third party ad servers like DoubleClick’s Dart, Atlas, 24/7 RealMedia, Telemetry, etc.  Our Professional Services team will work with you to create a complete turnkey solution for online advertising — we’ll take your videos in any format and optimize them for delivery.  If you do follow IAB standards, we do too.  We were one of the first video ad networks to be completely IAB VAST and V-PAID compliant!

VAST & VPAID logos

Podaddies campaigns are seeing click-through rates several times the industry average.  Advertisers such as Lysol, Starburst, Holiday Inn, University of Phoenix, eBay, Vlassic, Calgon, Spray ‘n Wash, Colgate,, Clearasil, and Lysol have run successful campaigns with us.  Let us help you effectively run your video campaigns.


We are now able to run clickable, dynamic HTML5 video ads on mobile, smart and tablet devices. This includes the iPhone 3 and 4, IPad 1 and 2, and Android phones. All of these ads are targetable and feed data into our tracking system - as do all of our video products. Contact us for a demo or to find out more.


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We've been running clickable, dynamic video ads in Apps and Games on Facebook - and a host of other popular sites - for years. All of these are targetable and feed data into our tracking system - as do all of our video products. Contact us to find out more.


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